Lost Valley Skullworks


Prices are subject to change at any time.

$35 Minimum Shipping Fee. Shipping prices will vary depending on shipping needs.

Prices include Bugging, Degreasing, and Whitening.

Call for prices on species not listed.

Any skull with signs of maggots will be charged an additional $50 handling fee.

For repairs & touch-ups please contact us for pricing.

Our Process

Step 1

Once the skull is received, we skin all the hide off and remove as much excess meat as possible.

Step 2

When prepped, we freeze the skull, allowing any rotten organisms to die for a healthy and effective dermestid beetle colony.

Step 3

Next, the skull is set out to defrost. It is then placed in with the dermestid beetles to remove all of the meat's remaining inside and outside the skull.

Step 4

Once the beetles have finished their delicate work, it is time for the vital part, degreasing and pulling of the teeth. This ensures we give you the most pristine skull possible that will also hold its bright white finish and teeth that have life-like color.

Step 5

When the skull shows no sign of oils, we start the work to bleach—pulling the few teeth left that didn't fall out in the degreasing process and letting the skull sit in the sun or under a UV lamp to dry and naturally whiten. We then bleach with a paste that sits on the skull for 24 hrs.

Step 6

Now that the skull is bleached and cleaned, it goes through another drying period then the final touches are made with resetting all teeth and sealing the skull for longevity.


Turn around time can vary depending on time of year, work load the shop has taken in and the condition of your skull when it is dropped off.

Turn around time can be anywhere from 10-12 months depending on the time of the year and how busy the we are.

*******LVO Skullworks is not responsible for any broken or missing teeth********

When the skulls are cleaned, degreased and whitened with chemicals all of the grease and moisture in the skull is removed . This causes the skull to become very dry and in turn the teeth can crack and can lead to them falling out. Just like the dead heads you would find in the wild.

Skulls left behind or not picked up

Once a skull is cleaned and ready LVO SkullWorks will contact you for pick up. We will only store the skull for one year once that call has been made. After the skull has been left at our shop for over a year we will no longer store and dispose of it as we see fit.

If you are in the military or travel for work and need us to hold onto the skull, please let us know if you will be traveling around the estimated time of completion and we will arrange to hold the skull for you.

****** LVO SkullWorks is not responsible for items left behind with no attempt of pick up ******

When dropping an item off please make sure and leave the proper contact information (Phone number or email ect) If your contact info changes you will need to contact us to update your information as that is the only way for us to reach you.

What separates us?

Here at Lost Valley Outfitters, our goal is to give you the hunt of your dreams. From calling in a strutting tom to sneaking in on a bedded boar, we strive to make your hunt successful and fulfilling. I truly love taking clients out and seeing the joy on there faces. If I am not with a client I am out scouting to better myself in the field. I cant wait to make your hunting goals a reality!

Casey Nick
Owner & Guide